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The Winds of Change. The Garrison Street RTD Commuter Light Rail Train Station. The "W" Line. Lakewood, CO. Spring 2013.

art consisting of a design made of pieces of colored stone, tile, or glass.

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066 Heads Up!
Mike Squared Mosaics is on hiatus till 2016.

Mike Juarez and Mike Cody are leaving the U.S. for good!
By the end of Summer 2015 we will become residents and re-establish our Mosaic and Tile business in the bustling ancient Mayan city of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

Our services in Mexico will include:
Living Walls and Vertical Mosaic Gardens.
Mosaic Swimming and Splash Pools.

Mosaic Fountains. Indoor and Outdoor.
Mosaic Floors, Walls, and Backsplashes.
Concrete Countertops and Outdoor Firepit areas along with
Mosaic and Glass Inlaid Furniture.

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Our Mosaic style will somewhat change from our present showcased work but you can still navigate and browse the Mike Squared Mosaics website by clicking on the Gallery Menu Options located above in the Header Box.

Included on this website are:
Home: Page.
About: Page.
Explore: 4 Pages.

Check back with us for updates to our website and our Facebook pages.

See you soon!
Hasta la vista!

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