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The Winds Of Change.

016Mike Squared Mosaics.
Custom Mosaics by Two Guys Named Mike.
Mosaic Artists V. Mike Juarez and Mike Cody.

Our Mosaics are about visually enhancing personal and public spaces that may be a bit bland and un-inspiring. We consider our work to be colorful, sometimes whimsical, and definitely intricate. Our Mosaics tell a story. Through the application of stone, tile, glass, and pottery, we convey the history of the location. Clarify the importance of the environment surrounding the site and represent the culture of the people living in the area. Our Mosaics spark a passersby’s interest from a distance or up close. Finding subtle features in our Mosaics is fun for us to design and for the public to enjoy. We build Mosaics that are focal points where people meet or choose as specific reference locations. Each Mosaic we create also becomes the perfect backdrop for that special photo-op. We design and build Mosaics that are functional as well, including Water Features and Seating Areas. We take pride in building most structures for our Mosaics including large scale walls, benches, fountains, and sculptures. Some public art projects require that we Mosaic pre-existing exterior and interior structures such as walls, floors, or benches. We also create our own, “Specialty Tile”, so you won’t see them anywhere else but in our own Mosaic projects. Each custom made, “Specialty Tile”, is molded, high fired, handpainted, and hand cut by Cody and I. Our custom tile includes Insects. Birds. Abstracts. Florals and Plants. Fauna, and Industrial Revolution references. When the opportunity arises we welcome the client and the community to participate in our projects. By donating personal objects into the work, the client and the community will feel a sense of pride seeing their own contributions into a major work of Mosaic Art. Cody and I integrate everything into our Murals including new and vintage pieces that eventually become part of our Mosaic menu.


Tree of Life. The new Kaiser Permanente building in Lone Tree, Colorado. By Mike Squared Mosaics. Completed Fall 2013.

Products and Services include but not limited to:

Tile and Stained Glass.

Public Art.
Garden and Patio.
Kitchen and Bath Remodel and Renovation.
Custom Made Tile.
Art Gallery & Sculpture.
One of a Kind Inlaid Mosaic Furniture.

The Winds of Change. The Garrison Street RTD Commuter Light Rail Train Station. The "W" Line. Lakewood, CO. Spring 2013.

The Winds Of Change.

Our base price for Mosaic and Stained Glass projects is $50.00 per sq. ft. That price is for labor only.
Additional costs will depend on size, scale, and the detail components in each Mosaic or Stained Glass project.

We accept all major Credit Cards.

Call 303-657-0261 or cell # 303-507-1601.
Our Email address is: Mtnbean1@aol.com

Mosaic Obelisk. Epic. Earth Wind Fire and Water. Civic Green Park. Highlands Ranch, CO. Winner of the Douglas County Art Encounters People's Choice Award. 2012-2013.


—Falling Into A Colorado Canyon. A Mosaic Fountain by Mike Squared Mosaics.

You Only Live This Life Once.  Sometimes You Just Gotta Make Your Own Damn Paradise!  

 Birds and Butterflies in Flight. Littleton, CO. 2013



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