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Sanctuary. Commissioned by the city of Boulder, Colorado and completed September, 2014.
The Elk’s Park Mosaic Murals are located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

A Large Semi-Circular Firepit Bench / Seating Area in Littleton, CO.
Redeux by Mike Squared Mosaics.
Thanks Donna and Bill!
Spring 2013.

“Tree of Life”. Created for the new Kaiser Permanente building in Lone Tree, CO. Completed and installed by Mike Squared Mosaics in September of 2013. The building will open December 2013.

Our largest Public Art Project to date. Completed April, 2013.
The Winds Of Change. The Garrison Street Commuter Light Rail Station for The Regional Transportation District. The W-Line. Lakewood, CO.

Four All Seasons. A Four Seat Mosaic Bench by Mike Squared Mosaics.
Located at the Margaret Carpenter Park and Recreation Center in Thornton, Colorado.
Dedicated April 2013.

A Mosaic Obelisk by Mike Squared Mosaics. Epic. Earth. Wind. Fire and Water. St. Stephens Plaza. Main Street. Longmont, CO. YouTube Video:

What’s Old Is New Again! A Vintage Front Drawer Mahogany Desk by Mike Squared Mosaics. Formerly an old dilapidated Mexican made desk, (probably from the 1940s or 50s), which we turned around by renovating the wood and embelishing the table top and back with Mosaic Tile. We replaced the flimsy side wood panels. We replaced the plain Drawer Pulls with new Metal Leaf Shaped Pulls. We added a taller Mosaic backpanel and refinished, stained, and stabilized the original Mahogany Wood frame. This desk measures 42.5″ High x 33″ Wide x 18″ Deep.
Watch the YouTube Video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOiI2uQAdaM

A Mosaic Conversation Bench. By Mike Squared Mosaic. Video II. YouTube Video:

Sometimes You Just Wanna Dance! Epic. A Mosaic Obelisk by Mike Squared Mosaics. Civic Green Park. Highlands Ranch, CO. YouTube Video:


A Mosaic Conversation Bench by Mike Squared Mosaics.  Video I. YouTube Video:

Pathways. A Mosaic Mural by Mike Squared Mosaics. A Denver Public Art Project. YouTube Video:


Falling Into A Colorado Canyon. A Mosaic Fountain by Mike Squared Mosaics. Muralists Mike Juarez and Mike Cody. YouTube Video:

Westwood Mosaic Mural. A Denver Public Art Project by Mike Squared Mosaics. West Facing View. YouTube Video:

Custom Handpainted Cabinetry & Furniture by Mike Cody. This is a Taos Pueblo inspired Dining Room. YouTube Video:

A Stained Glass Chrysler Building Sculpture / Accent Light by Michael Cody. YouTube Video:

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I’m on minted.com! Sign in, review, and vote on my Photography!

Well hello there!
If you have some spare time to kill I would appreciate it if you could take a look at my current Photography exhibit and review each of the 8 images I have submitted to the minted.com / Spaces and Places Art challenge.
Minted.com is a great site for artists to submit their work for review, critique, and exposure.
My work is at: http://www.minted.com/designer/mikejuarez

Sign up to the minted.com website as a new member then you can vote and of course it’s free. Click on each of my photos and by using the ratings scale provided, 5 being the highest, review my photos, “like”, if you wish and enter your score of 1 through 5 by clicking on the submit button. I believe you have through July 27th to vote and review.

The photograph shown is one I took in the Yucatan jungle. It’s the trunk of a giant Fig tree. It’s titled, “Tendons and Roots”.

Thanks bunches!
Mike J.


































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