A Tutorial by Mike Squared Mosaics. DIY Instructions. Building Your Own Weeping Wall.


We at Mike Squared Mosaics designed and created this particular Weeping Wall in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, and we can honestly say that this is the only one like it. Anywhere!

It was constructed for our courtyard here in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico,
The beautiful tile we used is called Yucateco Pasta, (cement), tile, and it is handmade right here in Merida.
Our tutorial is about the construction of this particular Weeping Wall. Our step by step instructional guide contains 22 pages, including 49 images to help you or your contractor build your own indoor or outdoor weeping wall / fountain.
The how to basics in this tutorial can also be applied to other materials as well, including glass, stone, ceramic, porcelain, and of course, tile. Using these techniques you can update your kitchens and bathrooms with new flooring and back splashes. Spruce up your gardens with pathways and seating areas. Brighten up your patios and courtyards with fire pit surrounds and fountains.


Description of the fountain:
Water streams from the upper pool, down the sides of the Mosaic walls, then into a  pool below. This flow over protruding tiles creates a tranquil the sound of rain and or small water cascades.
See the entire fountain at the following YouTube video address.

If your interested in using Yucateco Pasta Tile for your project we can help by ordering the tile here in Mexico and having it shipped directly to you for a reasonable fee. Just a heads up. Yucateco tile is made of cement so it is extremely durable to the elements. Every pattern is is hand painted and high fired.

If you ever need assistance with any questions or concerns about your project feel free to contact us anytime without hesitation and we will be more than happy to walk you through any obstacles you may encounter.

You never know. This could be the start of your very own tile or mosaic business!

Purchase your copy of the tutorial for $15.00 at the following web address.


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